X-Ray Technician Salary in 2017

The highest x-ray technician salary is registered in New Zealand, where specialists earn NZ$70,000 (S$51,039) per year. The lowest can be seen in India, where specialists in this field only earn Rs175,692 (US$2,744) per year. New Zealand is closely followed by Australia with AU$63,590 (US$50,708) and the US with $42,000 per year. Professionals in Canada and the UK earn similar salaries of C$47,819 (US$38,341) and £30,000 (US$38,883). This guide outlines how the salaries of x-ray techs vary regarding geographic location and experience, but we will also briefly discuss how the industry of employment influences the pay.

How Much Does an X Ray Technician Make Per Year?

X-ray technicians work primarily in hospitals and clinics. Work setting has little impact on salary ranges while geographic region and professional experience are greater influence. Salary ranges and further information on factors affecting income are outlined in this guide.

X-Ray Technician Salary US Canada UK Australia New Zealand India South Africa
Hourly Wage $20.19 C$32.51
Annual Wage $42,000 C$47,819

Factors That Influence X Ray Technicians’ Salary

With varying salary ranges worldwide, the factors that impact pay are geographic region, work setting, and professional experience. Further details on salary ranges worldwide are provided.

1. Geographic Area

X Ray Technician Salary in the US

According to Payscale.com, an X-ray technician earns about $42,000 per year after 5-10 years in this field. Beginners usually start off around $29,000 and gradually earn more during their first years, while experienced professionals with more than 15 years in this field can take home up to $62,053. Of this amount, bonuses can account for up to $4,966 per year and profit sharing opportunities – for up to $1,200.

Since no information about x-ray technicians is available via the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we are unable to provide localized data about this occupation.

X Ray Technician Salary in Canada

The same source as above reports that most x-ray technicians earn around C$23.49 (US$18.87) per hour, or C$48,859 (US$39,228) per year. Entry level x-ray technicians earn about C$31,290, increasing to C$71,124 with experience. It seems most of the x-ray techs here (74%) have less than 4 years of experience in this field. The most reported salary on Indeed.com, however, is C$32.51 (US$26.12) per hour, which adds up to C$47,819 (US$38,417) per year.

X Ray Technician Salary in the UK

Many x-ray technician positions are funded under the National Health Service (NHS) of UK and covered by the Agenda for Change pay rates. There are 9 bands guiding the pay ranges for radiography professionals. A new x-ray technician will begin at Band 5 with a yearly salary of between approximately £21,909 (US$28,409) and £28,462 (US$36,906).

With experience, a professional will advance to Band 6 and earn between £26,302 (US$34,099) and £35,225 (US$45,683) per year. Therefore, we can estimate the average at around £30,000 (US$38,883) per year. Experienced professionals can reach the consultant level (band 8c) and earn up to £68,484 (US$88,786) per year in the UK.

X Ray Technician Salary in Australia

According to XRaySchools.org, the salary of an x-ray technician working in Australia revolves around AU$52,210 (US$41,647) to AU$74,970 (US$59,803); therefore, we can estimate the average at AU$63,590 (US$50,708) per year. Unfortunately, no other information is provided about these professionals and their activity in Australia.

X Ray Technician Salary in New Zealand

Even though no information is available about the x-ray tech salary in New Zealand, we can take the medical radiation technologist salary as a reference as the job descriptions are very similar in New Zealand. A medical radiation tech working in New Zealand earns between NZ$50,000 (US$36,439) and NZ$69,000 (US$50,274) in their first 6 years, and between NZ$71,000 (US$51,743) and NZ$98,000 after this mark. Therefore, we can estimate the average at NZ$70,000 (US$51,039) per year. Our source careers.govt.nz also reports the employment opportunities in this field are above average.

X Ray Technician Salary in India

While limited information is available on specific salary ranges for x-ray technicians in India, there are many job postings on Indeed with experience requirements ranging from entry level to five years’ experience. Salaries provided for x-ray technician position openings range from Rs138,000 (US$2,156) to over Rs236,189 (US$3,690) per year. However, the most reported salary is Rs175,692 (US$2,744) per year.

X Ray Technician Salary in South Africa

Unfortunately, no info on the x-ray tech salary is available from South Africa as their responsibilities are covered by radiographers; therefore, we will take these salaries as references. A starting radiographer working in India earns around R173,341 (US$13,364) per year at the moment, while mid-career professionals take home about R248,000 (US$19,126). Experienced professionals working as radiologists in South Africa can take home up to R347,921 (US$26,833) per year, out of which up to R30,304 (US$2,337) in bonuses.

2. Experience

An x-ray technician must complete the equivalent of a two-year associate’s degree with specific training in radiological imaging. Regulations vary worldwide, but an exam and registry are common is many countries.

While certification requirements vary from country to country and state to state, it is typical for employers to require certification even if the state does not specifically require it. With variances in regulations and guidelines, it is the responsibility of the individual to understand the requirements in the country where employment is sought.

3. Industry

Diagnostic clinics and hospitals are the most common workplaces for x-ray technicians, although some physician offices also employ professionals in this field. X-Ray technicians who advance to MRI technologists typically earn higher incomes, but job titles, responsibilities, and job descriptions highly vary from country to country.

If you are interested in other jobs in this field, we also recommend reading our guide to the radiology technician salary in English-speaking countries.

Working Hours

X-Ray technicians typically work between 37.5 to 40 hours per week, although some overtime and on-call hours may be required. While those employed in physician offices and clinics may work typical work hours from Monday to Friday, others who work in hospitals may have various work schedules. They are subject to any time seven days a week and all hours as emergencies may require radiological services.

Both full-time and part-time positions are available in this field with flexibility and high job satisfaction viewed as positives of this career.

Bonuses and Benefit Packages

Some employers offer bonuses and profit sharing, but these benefits are not as common for x-ray technicians as for other professional positions in healthcare. While a full benefits package including medical, vision and dental insurance are available for many in this field, 30% of professionals in the US indicate they receive no health benefits. This absence of health benefits is also reported by 33% of x-ray technicians in Canada and 36% in South Africa.

Job Outlook

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that US demand for x-ray technicians will grow at a rate of 9% from 2014 to 2024, faster than the average growth of other activity fields. New Zealand also indicates expected growth in the coming years that is sufficient to accommodate the number of those entering the workforce in this field. In fact, the aging population worldwide promises good employment opportunities for specialists in the radiology field.


X-ray technicians earn solid incomes, and while salaries are not as high as other healthcare professionals, the number of years in education and training are significantly lower. The job outlook is positive for those beginning a career in this field, and positive aspects include flexibility and high job satisfaction.