The Ultrasound Technician Salary in 2017

The ultrasound technician salary is the highest in Australia, where professionals earn AU$95,000 (US$72,217) per year. The United States follows Australia at a distance with a yearly salary of $61,000; ultrasound techs working in Canada are next in line with C$71,000 (US$53,505), closely followed by those in New Zealand with a yearly income of NZ$70,000 (US$50,655). The lowest salaries for ultrasound techs are registered in the UK where professionals earn ₤33,000 (US$41,787), South Africa with R243,000 (US$18,582), and India with Rs392,885 (US$6,089).

How Much Does an Ultrasound Technician Make per Year?

US Canada UK Australia New Zealand India South Africa
Hourly Wage $29.33 C$34.13
Annual Wage $61,000 C$71,000

Also known as diagnostic medical sonographers and ultrasound technologists, ultrasound technicians usually operate special imaging equipment to create images and conduct tests. These tests help medical specialists and physicians diagnose and assess various medical conditions, some even assisting surgeons during special procedures.

Most of the ultrasound technicians work full time in hospitals, clinics, or private practices. The offices of physicians and diagnostics and medical laboratories were also some of the preferred venues to practice this trade. Most ultrasound technologists need an associate’s degree and certification to practice in most states.

Factors that Influence the Ultrasound Technician Salary

As with most jobs in healthcare, several internal and external factors affect the ultrasound technician salary. The most noteworthy are the place of employment, the level of experience of each employee, or the industry in which the sonography technician practices their trade.

Geographic Area

Ultrasound Technician Salary in the US

According to PayScale, an ultrasound technician earns $61,000 per year on average. Most ultrasound technicians start off at $36,284 per year and can reach $83,276 after about 10-15 years on the job. Bonuses can account for up to $4,546 of this amount, and profit sharing opportunities – for another $3,500.

Since every state has its own ultrasounds demand, as well as its own economy, it’s only natural that the ultrasound technician salary is affected so much by the geographical location of the place of employment.

The following tables document the states, as well as the metropolitan and nonmetropolitan areas which offer the highest rates of employment, and also those which provide the highest ultrasound technician salary.

Highest Rates of Employment for Ultrasound Technicians in the US

The highest rates of employment by state for people with the ultrasound technician salary are as follows:

State Employment Employment per thousand jobs Location quotient Hourly mean wage Annual mean wage
California 5,060 0.33 0.73 $46.10 $95,880
Florida 4,780 0.60 1.36 $29.88 $62,160
New York 4,780 0.53 1.20 $33.16 $68,980
Texas 4,650 0.40 0.91 $35.89 $74,640
Pennsylvania 2,480 0.43 0.98 $31.12 $64,730

The metropolitan areas with the highest rates of employment for the profession are the following:

Metropolitan area Employment Employment per thousand jobs Location quotient Hourly mean wage Annual mean wage
New York – Jersey City – White Plains, NY – NJ Metropolitan Division 2,750 0.42 0.96 $34.56 $71,870
Houston – The Woodlands – Sugar Land, TX 1,290 0.44 0.99 $40.14 $83,500
Los Angeles – Long Beach – Glendale, CA Metropolitan Division 1,190 0.29 0.66 $42.75 $88,910
Nassau County – Suffolk County, NYC Metropolitan Division 1,030 0.81 1.82 $32.63 $67,870
Boston – Cambridge – Newton, MA NECTA Division 1,010 0.58 1.30 $39.34 $81,830
Chicago – Naperville – Arlington Heights, IL Metropolitan Division 1,010 0.28 0.64 $37.12 $77,200
Washington – Arlington – Alexandria, DC – VA – MD – WV Metropolitan Division 940 0.39 0.88 $37.75 $78,530
Minneapolis – St. Paul – Bloomington, MN – WI 920 0.49 1.10 $36.07 $75,030
Phoenix – Mesa – Scottsdale, AZ 880 0.47 1.06 $39.16 $81,460
Atlanta – Sandy Springs – Roswell, GA 870 0.35 0.79 $30.60 $63,650

These are the nonmetropolitan areas offering the highest employment rates for ultrasound technicians:

Nonmetropolitan area Employment Employment per thousand jobs Location quotient Hourly mean wage Annual mean wage
Northeast Mississippi nonmetropolitan area 130 0.60 1.35 $29.69 $61,750
Piedmont North Carolina nonmetropolitan area 100 0.40 0.91 $31.62 $65,780
Northeastern Wisconsin nonmetropolitan area 100 0.49 1.11 $34.65 $72,080
North Northeastern Ohio non-metropolitan area (non-contiguous) 100 0.29 0.65 $28.67 $59,630
Balance of Lower Peninsula of Michigan nonmetropolitan area 90 0.34 0.77 $27.75 $57,720
Highest Salaries for Ultrasound Technicians in the US

Meanwhile, the states offering the highest ultrasound technician salaries are the following:

State Employment Employment per thousand jobs Location quotient Hourly mean wage Annual mean wage
California 5,060 0.33 0.73 $46.10 $95,880
District of Columbia 150 0.23 0.51 $42.42 $88,230
Oregon 550 0.32 0.72 $41.53 $86,390
Washington 1,480 0.50 1.11 $40.92 $85,120
Massachusetts 1,760 0.52 1.17 $39.12 $81,370

Meanwhile, the metropolitan areas where you can find the biggest ultrasound technician salaries are:

Metropolitan area Employment Employment per thousand jobs Location quotient Hourly mean wage Annual mean wage
Vallejo – Fairfield, CA 130 1.06 2.39 $58.17 $120,990
San Francisco – Redwood City – South San Francisco, CA Metropolitan Division 290 0.29 0.64 $57.48 $119,550
Oakland – Hayward – Berkeley, CA Metropolitan Division 560 0.53 1.19 $55.13 $114,660
San Jose – Sunnyvale – Santa Clara, CA 270 0.26 0.59 $52.31 $108,800
Sacramento –Roseville – Arden – Arcade, CA 370 0.43 0.96 $50.45 $104,930
Modesto, CA 90 0.53 1.19 $47.25 $98,270
Santa Rosa, CA 70 0.36 0.81 $46.53 $96,780
Kennewick – Richland, WA 70 0.72 1.62 $45.88 $95,430
Salinas, CA 50 0.31 0.71 $45.31 $94,240
Stockton – Lodi, CA 60 0.27 0.60 $44.86 $93,310

The nonmetropolitan areas where you can find the highest ultrasound technician salary are the following:

Nonmetropolitan area Employment Employment per thousand jobs Location quotient Hourly mean wage Annual mean wage
Northern Mountains Region of California nonmetropolitan area 30 0.54 1.21 $44.80 $93,190
Southwest Montana nonmetropolitan area 50 0.40 0.89 $40.84 $84,940
Northwest Colorado nonmetropolitan area 30 0.26 0.59 $40.69 $84,630
East Central Illinois nonmetropolitan area 70 0.61 1.37 $37.70 $78,410
South Central Wisconsin nonmetropolitan area Not released Not released Not released $35.90 $74,670

Ultrasound Technician Salary in Canada

An ultrasound technician working in Canada earns about C$71,000 (US$53,519) per year on average, according to PayScale. The starting salary for ultrasound technicians in Canada is C$49,643 (US$37,420), while experienced professionals can take home up to C$84,044 (US$63,352) per year.

Ultrasound Technician Salary in the UK

Ultrasound technicians are called sonographers in the UK. The average sonographer salary for the United Kingdom according to PayScale is ₤33,000 (US$41,787) per year. Beginners in this field can take home as little as £22,575 (US$28,586) in their first years, but experienced professionals can earn over £61,825 (US$78,288). Of this amount, bonuses account for up to £6,500 (US$8,230). reports the diagnostic medical sonographer salary between £25,000 and £50,000 per year (US$31,657 – US$63,317).

Ultrasound Technician Salary in Australia

The mean ultrasound technician salary in Australia is AU$95,000 (US$72,217), according to PayScale. The same source reports the starting salary of an ultrasound technician or a sonographer working in Australia at AU$49,657 (US$37,746). Experienced professionals here can earn up to AU$130,919 (US$99,522) per year.

, on the other hand, reports the starting ultrasound technician salary at AU$60,000 (US$45,609), the average at AU$78,000 (US$59,279), and the senior salary at AU$93,000 (US$70,769). The same source estimates employment levels for 2017 at 17,400.

Ultrasound Technician Salary in New Zealand

Even though no info is available on the ultrasound tech salary in New Zealand, we can take the sonographer salary as a reference. A professional working in New Zealand as a sonographer starts off somewhere between NZ$50,000 and NZ$69,000 (US$36,182 – US$49,947). Those with more than 6 years of experience behind can earn up to NZ$98,000 per year (US$70,940). Therefore, we can estimate the average at NZ$70,000 (US$50,655) per year.

Ultrasound Technician Salary in India

According to SalaryExpert, an ultrasound technician working in India earns about Rs392,885 (US$6,089) per year on average, with bonuses averaging around Rs7,268 (US$113) per year. A beginner in this field can make about Rs324,685 (US$5,032) per year. With experience and in the right industry, an ultrasound tech working in India can get to earn over Rs492,710 (US$7,637) yearly.

Ultrasound Technician Salary in South Africa

PayScale reports the national average for this profession is R243,000 (US$18,582). The starting salary for an ultrasound tech working in South Africa is R170,762 (US$13,058) for the first few years. An experienced professional, however, can bring home up to R332,879 (US$25,431) per year, out of which R6,040 – R29,799 (US$462 – US$2,274) as bonus.


Even though the geographical location is the biggest determinant in the salary of an ultrasound tech, the hourly ultrasound technician salary is influenced quite a bit by the seniority and level of experience. The salary can double or even triple over the course of more than twenty years of experience no matter the location. Nevertheless, after the 15- or 20-year mark depending on location, the hourly salary remains steady and can even decrease for those who give up certain responsibilities.

If you are interested in similar positions, you can also see our guide to the surgical tech salary and a rundown of the nuclear medicine technologist salary.


The industry in which each sonography expert performs their trade is yet another highly influential factor when it comes to the ultrasound technician salary. These tables show the mean annual salary of ultrasound technicians in the United States as this data was not available for all the countries we reviewed.

The industries offering the highest employment levels for ultrasound technicians are the following:

Industry Employment Percent of industry employment Hourly mean wage Annual mean wage
General Medical and Surgical Hospitals 36,680 0.70 $33.90 $70,500
Offices of Physicians 14,190 0.57 $32.91 $68,460
Medical and Diagnostic Laboratories 6,350 2.49 $35.75 $74,360
Outpatient Care Centers 1,900 0.26 $40.19 $83,600
Specialty (except Psychiatric and Substance Abuse) Hospitals 540 0.22 $35.88 $74,630

Finally, the industries where you are most likely to get the highest ultrasound technician annual salary are:

Industry Employment Percent of industry employment Hourly mean wage Annual mean wage
Outpatient Care Centers 1,900 0.26 $40.19 $83,600
Management of Companies and Enterprises 60 Less than .005 $39.83 $82,860
Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools 440 0.01 $36.47 $75,850
Specialty (except Psychiatric and Substance Abuse) Hospitals 540 0.22 $35.88 $74,630
Medical and Diagnostic Laboratories 6,350 2.49 $35.75 $74,360

Note: all tables are courtesy of the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Work Hours

Most ultrasound technicians work normal, 40-hour work weeks. Still, overtime can be pretty frequent, particularly in the form of emergencies or on-call shifts for people working in hospitals.

Meanwhile, technologists working for medical laboratories may sometimes have to travel for work to perform tests. Some of these work travels can be in remote places, possibly for people without access to the technology necessary for testing.

Bonuses and Benefits Packages

Additional sources of income for people with the ultrasound technician salary turn out to be in the form of bonuses, profit sharing, and overtimes. As for the benefits packages which come with the ultrasound technician salary, they include a fair number of paid and sick leave days, a 401(K) plan, as well as insurance for those working in the US.

About 70% of ultrasound technicians in the US receive medical insurance, 59% get dental, about 46% get vision, while 25% get no insurance at all. In Canada, about 50% of the ultrasound techs have no type of health insurance.

Job Outlook

The employment rate of ultrasound technologists is estimated to grow 24% by 2024. That is much faster than the 8% average for all the professions in the United States.

Imaging technology has already been advancing over the past few years, replacing older, more intrusive technology. With the current scientific advances we are making, the job outlook for ultrasound technicians is only looking more and more positive.


Despite the fact that it requires some time spent in educational and formative training, as well as a certification, the ultrasound technician salary can be motivation enough for many to pursue the job. While the raises may taper off after a long and fruitful career, the position is still one of the most coveted in healthcare.

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