Pediatric Oncologist Salary in 2017

A pediatric oncologist treats children and adolescents with blood diseases and cancer. When looking at US dollar amounts, the highest average annual salary is found in Australia at AU$410,000 ($328,292 USD), followed closely behind by the US at nearly $307,000 per year. Annual earnings in New Zealand and Canada are similar at just under NZ$345,000 ($251,534 USD) and more than C$297,000 ($244,001 USD), respectively, while pediatric oncologists in the UK earn more than £157,000 ($187,970 USD) and those in South Africa bring home more than R1,792,000 ($135,482 USD) per year. The lowest salaries are found in India at more than 1,789,000 ($27,893 USD). Average annual salaries for pediatric oncologists vary by geographic region, professional experience, and work setting with additional information provided in this guide.

How Much Does a Pediatric Oncologist Make per Year?

The chart below provides average annual salaries with US dollar conversions and hourly wages for pediatric oncologists in select countries worldwide.

Pediatric Oncologist Salary US Canada UK Australia New Zealand India South Africa
Hourly Wage $147 C$143 £76 AU$197 NZ$166 Rs860 R862
Annual Wage $306,749 C$297,353
($244,001 USD)
($187,970 USD)
($328,292 USD)
($251,534 USD)
($27,893 USD)
($135,482 USD)

pediatric oncologist salary

Factors that Influence the Pediatric Oncologist Salary

Geographic region, professional experience, and work setting all influence salaries. The following paragraphs provide information on earning potential and working as an pediatric oncologist.

1. Geographic Area

Pediatric Oncologist Salary in US

In the US, pediatric oncologists receive nearly $307,000, on average, per year with bonus income potential averaging nearly $21,000 in additional earnings. Entry level positions garner an average starting salary of about $207,000 per year while senior level positions pay more than $381,000 annually.

Pediatric Oncologist Salary in Canada

Newly trained pediatric oncologists in Canada earn an average starting salary of just nearly C$201,000 per year compared to more than C$369,000 annually for senior level professionals. The average annual salary for pediatric oncologists of all experience levels exceeds well over C$297,000 with more than C$20,000 possible through additional bonus income.

Pediatric Oncologist Salary in UK

The average annual salary for pediatric oncologists in the UK exceeds £157,000 per year plus nearly £11,000, on average, in additional bonus income incentives. Entry level pediatric oncologists earn an average of more than £106,000 per year, increasing with experience and additional responsibility to more than £195,000 annually for senior level professionals.

Pediatric Oncologist Salary in Australia

Pediatric oncologists in Australia are among some of the highest wage earners worldwide with average annual salaries exceeding AU$410,000 per year. Additionally, bonus income incentives can further boost total earnings nearly AU$28,000. While entry level positions garner an average annual salary of more than AU$277,000, senior level positions offer pay that is well over AU$510,000 per year.

Pediatric Oncologist Salary in New Zealand

In New Zealand, newly trained pediatric oncologists earn an average starting salary of just under NZ$232,000 per year while their senior level colleagues earn nearly NZ$429,000 per year. The average annual salary for pediatric oncologists of all experience levels is nearly NZ$345,000 per year with more than NZ$23,000 possible through additional bonus income opportunities.

Pediatric Oncologist Salary in India

The average annual salary for entry level pediatric oncologists in India is nearly Rs1,226,000 compared to senior level professionals who receive nearly Rs2,257,000 per year. Pediatric oncologists, as a whole, in India earn well over Rs1,789,000 per year an average of more than Rs121,000 possible through bonus income incentives.

Pediatric Oncologist Salary in South Africa

In South Africa, pediatric oncologists earn more than R1,792,000, on average, per year. There are bonus income incentives that can add nearly Rs121,000 in additional earnings. Entry level pediatric oncologists can expect a starting salary of more than Rs1,219,000 per year, increasing to more than Rs2,245,000 annually for senior level professionals.

2. Experience

Because children are often affected by fewer types of cancers and blood disorders, pediatric oncologists often specialize in fewer types of cancers; however, this level of specialization is rewarded with high incomes. Despite very high salaries for pediatric oncologists worldwide, there is significant reward for additional professional experience and added responsibilities. The gap in annual incomes between entry level and senior level positions is about 84%. One country reviewed in this guide, New Zealand, sees an increase of 85% in annual salaries for senior level positions. Those in the highest levels earn about NZ$197,000 more per year compared to their entry level counterparts.

3. Industry

Pediatric oncologists work in hospitals, private practice, research, and academic settings. Those who are employed in for-profit or private organizations may receive higher base salaries and bonus potential compared to those employed by nonprofit organizations. According to a Medscape Oncologist Compensation Report, self-employed oncologists, including those specializing in pediatrics, earn roughly 46% more than those who are employed by others.

Working Hours

Most pediatric oncologists work full-time hours with only about 6% of men and 9% of women working part-time in the US. Pediatric oncologists employed in private practice, academic institutions, and research most often work during normal business hours Monday through Friday, while those working in hospitals may find themselves working any day of week or hour of day due to 24-hour care and patient needs. There may also be times when evening, weekend, and holiday work is required for these hospital pediatric oncologists.

Bonuses and Benefit Packages

According to Medscape, most pediatric oncologists receive health, dental, and vision coverage as well as paid time off for vacation, holidays, and sick time; however, those who are self-employed may need to cover these expenses. While bonus pay is offered worldwide, only about 34% of pediatric oncologists in the US receive this benefit, likely due to the large number of self-employed professionals who are responsible for their own compensation. Other benefits offered include retirement plans, healthcare savings accounts, and commuter assistance.

Job Outlook

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates a growth rate of 14% in physicians, including pediatric oncologists, between 2014 and 2024. This additional need is due to improved access to medical care and advancements in research, healthcare technologies, and treatment options. To practice as a pediatric oncologist, a medical degree followed by several years of specialized training, internships, and residency in oncology, hematology, and pediatrics are required. Licensure and registration with the national or regional governing body is required in all countries.


Pediatric oncologists are among the highest wage earners worldwide, earning well over six-figure salaries as entry level practitioners. While many years of education and training are required, the return on educational and financial investment is positive with strong salaries, bonus potential, and comprehensive benefits. Future job opportunities are expected to remain faster than average compared to all professions, which should support high salaries and offer sufficient job opportunities for new professionals entering this career field.

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