Nephrologist Salary in 2017

A nephrologist treats patients with kidney issues and disease. In the US, nephrologists earn an average annual salary of about $259,868 compared to NZ$291,929 ($218,888 USD) in New Zealand and C$251,908 ($200,721 USD) in Canada. Nephrologists in the UK earn £133,316 ($155,733 USD) and in South Africa, annual salary is R1,512,896 ($116,277). Of the countries reviewed in this guide, nephrologists in Australia earn the most at AU$347,316, or $405,768 USD, per year, while India falls on the low end at Rs1,504,828 ($23,441 USD) per year. Annual earnings vary for nephrologists based on geographic region, professional experience, and work setting, with additional information provided in this guide.

How Much Does a Nephrologist Make per Year?

Yearly and hourly wage information for nephrologists in select countries worldwide are provided in the chart below.

Nephrologist Salary US Canada UK Australia New Zealand India South Africa
Hourly Wage $125 C$121 £64 AU$167 NZ$140 Rs723 R727
Annual Wage $259,868 C$251,908
($200,721 USD)
($155,733 USD)
($405,768 USD)
($218,888 USD)
($23,441 USD)
($116,277 USD)

nephrologist salary

Factors that Influence the Nephrologist Salary

Salary Expert and country specific career resources provide insight on earning potential for nephrologists. The following paragraphs explain how geographic region, professional experience, and work setting affect this career field.

1. Geographic Area

Nephrologist Salary in US

In the US, nephrologists earn nearly $199,000 during the first three years of employment. Senior level professionals with eight or more years’ experience earn an annual salary of more than $316,000. An additional $15,000 can be earned through bonus pay offered by some employers.

Nephrologist Salary in Canada

Entry level nephrologists in Canada earn just under C$193,000 per year, increasing to nearly C$307,000 per year for senior level physicians with at least eight years’ experience. More than C$14,000 can be earned through additional bonus pay potential.

Nephrologist Salary in UK

Nephrologists in the UK earn between just under £102,000 per year when beginning their careers and more than £162,000 annually with at least eight years of professional experience. There is potential to earn more than an additional £7,500 in bonus pay.

Nephrologist Salary in Australia

When beginning a career as a nephrologist in Australia, annual earnings are more than AU$266,000, increasing to nearly AU$424,000 per year for senior level physicians. Overall income can be boosted through bonus pay that averages nearly AU$20,000.

Nephrologist Salary in New Zealand

Entry level nephrologists in New Zealand earn nearly NZ$224,000 annually, with earnings increasing to nearly NZ$356,000 per year with eight years or more experience. There is opportunity to increase overall pay by more than NZ$16,000 through bonus incentives.

Nephrologist Salary in India

In India, nephrologists earn a starting salary of nearly Rs1,169,000 per year when beginning their careers. With experience, income increases to nearly Rs1,900,000 annually. The average bonus can reach nearly Rs85,000 in additional annual income.

Nephrologist Salary in South Africa

Nephrologists in South Africa earn an annual salary between more than R1,167,000 for entry level physicians and more than R1,858,000 for senior level professionals with at least eight years’ experience. Bonus pay opportunities can add another R85,000 to total earnings.

2. Experience

While nephrologists are among the most highly paid careers worldwide, those with eight years or more experience see strong increases of about 59% in overall annual income. The greatest gap between entry level and senior level pay is found in the country with the lowest annual income for this position: India. Earnings there increase Rs731,000 per year, equivalent to an increase of 63%. In Australia where earnings are the highest among the countries reviewed in this guide, senior level professionals earn about AU$158,000 per year more, representing income growth of 59%, compared to their entry level colleagues.

3. Industry

Nephrologists work in hospitals, laboratories, and private practice. Those who are employed in for-profit settings likely earn higher salaries and have the potential for greater bonus pay compared to their colleagues employed in nonprofit organizations. Private practice nephrologists who are self-employed may have earn the highest incomes in this career field, but can bear more responsibilities compared to those employed by others.

Working Hours

Nephrologists typically work full-time hours, but scheduled can vary widely depending on work setting. Those who work in hospital settings may be subject to any day of the week or hour of the day, including nights, weekends, and holidays due to the 24-hour care provided in that setting. Nephrologists who work in laboratories or private practice often have hours during normal business hours from Monday through Friday. Some on-call commitment may be necessary as well as occasional evening or weekend work.

Bonuses and Benefit Packages

As a member of the healthcare community, nephrologists typically receive a full healthcare benefits package that includes medical, dental, and vision coverage. Paid time off for holiday, vacation, and sick time is common, and some employers offer allowances for continuing medical education required to keep practicing licenses current. Globally, it is common for nephrologists to earn bonus pay that can add significantly to overall earning potential.

Job Outlook

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates growth for physicians, including the specialty of nephrologists, of 14% between 2014 and 2024. This rate is much faster than the average growth for all occupations due to a globally aging population that often develops illness and disease and the increased prevalence of diabetes, which affects the kidneys. To practice as a nephrologist, a medical degree following the equivalent of a four-year bachelor’s degree is required, as well as additional specialized training and licensure or registration with the appropriate governing body.


Nephrologists are among the highest paid medical specialty worldwide. In additional to strong incomes, these physicians receive additional bonus pay and a comprehensive benefits package that includes healthcare coverage and paid time off. Future employment opportunities for nephrologists are expected to increase, which should provide sufficient employment demand for entry level physicians and maintain strong earning potential.

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