Medical Receptionist Salary in 2018

Medical receptionists serve as the first point of contact in a medical office, answering phone calls, scheduling appointments, and facilitating the flow of patients through the office. In the US, medical receptionists earn close to $33,000 per year compared to C$34,000 ($27,080 USD) in Canada and £20,000 ($23,658 USD) in the UK.

Medical receptionists in Australia earn nearly AU$49,000 ($37,974 USD) while those in New Zealand receive about NZ$41,000 ($28,392 USD) per year. On the lower end of the earnings scale are South Africa and India at R102,000 ($7,469 USD) and Rs184,000 ($2,829 USD), respectively. This guide provides additional information on salary variances by geographic region, work experience, and work setting for medical receptionists worldwide.

How Much Does a Medical Receptionist Make per Year?

Outlined in this chart are annual and hourly wages for medical receptionists in select countries worldwide.

Medical Receptionist Salary US Canada UK Australia New Zealand India South Africa
Hourly Wage $16 C$16 £10 AU$23 NZ$20 Rs89 R49
Annual Wage $32,527 C$34,193
($27,080 USD)
($23,658 USD)
($37,974 USD)
($28,392 USD)
($2,829 (USD)
($7,469 USD)

medical receptionist salary

Factors that Influence the Medical Receptionist Salary

While work experience and work setting affect salaries for medical receptionists, geographic region appears to have the greatest impact on earning potential. Additional information on these factors, as well as career information, are found in this guide.

1. Geographic Area

Medical Receptionist Salary in US 

In the US, medical receptionists earn close to $33,000 per year, equivalent to about $16 per hour for hourly wage earners. Some employers offer bonus income that can add another $500 to overall earnings. Entry level medical receptionists earn just under $28,000 per year, while those in senior level positions receive more than $38,000 annually.

Medical Receptionist Salary in Canada 

Medical receptionists in Canada see annual earnings in excess of C$34,000, and an additional C$500 in bonus income potential. Employees paid an hourly wage receive about C$16 per hour. Entry level positions garner an average annual salary of about C$29,000 while senior level pay exceeds $39,000 annually.

Medical Receptionist Salary in UK 

Medical receptionists in the UK earn an average annual salary of about £20,000, equivalent to about £10 per hour. Bonus pay averages another £300 in additional earnings. Entry level medical receptionists receive more than £17,000 per year, while those with the most experience in senior level positions receive about £23,000 annually.

Medical Receptionist Salary in Australia

In Australia, medical receptionists receive close to AU$49,000 per year with an additional AU$800 possible through bonus pay incentives. Hourly wage earners receive about AU$23 per hour. On average, entry level employees receive a starting salary of more than AU$41,000 per year compared to those at the senior level who earn about AU$56,000 annually.

Medical Receptionist Salary in New Zealand 

The average annual salary for medical receptionists in New Zealand is about NZ$41,000, with another NZ$600 possible through bonus incentives. Those paid an hourly wage receive about NZ$20 per hour. Those beginning their career can expect an average starting salary of about NZ$35,000, increasing with experience to about NZ$47,000 for those in senior level positions.

Medical Receptionist Salary in India 

Medical receptionists working in India receive an average annual salary of about Rs184,000, or an hourly wage of Rs89 per hour. The average bonus can add nearly Rs3,000 in additional income to overall earnings. Entry level employees see an average starting salary of about Rs159,000 per year, increasing for senior level employees to about Rs215,000 annually.

Medical Receptionist Salary in South Africa 

In South Africa, the average yearly pay for medical receptionists is about R102,000, while hourly wage earners receive about R49 per hour. The typical annual bonus can exceed R1,500. Entry level positions garner an average annual salary of more than R87,000 compared to senior level employees who receive more than R118,000 per year.

2. Experience

While additional experience can lead to increased earnings, the difference between entry level and senior level pay for medical receptionists is minimal. Earnings increase with experience between 34% and 37%; however, because salaries are lower compared to other healthcare positions, this percentage equates to minimal additional earnings. For example, in Australia, where annual salaries are among the highest for medical receptionists, there is a 37% increase in annual earnings, equating to about AU$15,000 more per year. Senior level medical receptionists in the US see annual earnings increase about $10,000 over entry level pay, equating to about 36%, while in the UK, this growth is about 35% or £6,000 more per year.

3. Industry

Medical receptionists work in physician offices, medical clinics, hospitals, and surgery centers. Work setting has little influence over earning potential for medical receptionists; however, nonprofit and public-sector organizations may pay slightly less and offer few opportunities for bonus income.

Working Hours

Medical receptionists often work full-time hours, although there are ample part-time positions available. In fact, working as a medical receptionist is sometimes a position fulfilled by semi-retired employees who have spent their careers working in medical offices and seek a slower paced, part-time schedule later in their careers.

Bonuses and Benefit Packages

Full-time medical receptionists may receive medical, dental, and vision coverage, while their part-time colleagues may be ineligible for these benefits. Some employers offer bonus incentives, though earnings from this offering are minimal and may not be available to part-time employees. Additional benefits available may include paid time off and allowances for meals.

Job Outlook

A growth rate of 3% is estimated by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics for office and administrative support secretaries, including medical receptionists, between 2014 and 2024, representing a slower than average growth rate compared to other occupations. To work as a medical receptionist, the equivalent of a high school degree is required, and other skills necessary are learned on the job.


Medical receptionists earn lower salaries that are reflective of the minimal education and training necessary to enter this career. While many are employed in full-time positions, there are opportunities for part-time employment. Benefits and bonus packages are offered, although those working part-time schedules may not be eligible for these perks.

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