Medical Office Assistant Salary in 2017

A medical office assistant handles many administrative tasks in a healthcare setting, including scheduling patient appointments, coordinating clinical procedures and laboratory tests, filing insurance paperwork, and communicating with other physician partners. The average annual salary for medical office assistants in the US is nearly $47,000 per year compared to about C$49,000 ($39,828 USD) in Canada and £29,000 ($34,507 USD) in the UK.

Medical office assistants in Australia earn more than AU$69,000 ($55,699 USD), while those in New Zealand receive over NZ$58,000 ($42,758 USD). The two countries with the lowest incomes for this profession are South Africa and India, where annual earnings are more than R145,000 ($10,928 USD) and Rs262,000 ($4,081 USD), respectively. This guide explains earning potential variances by geographic region, years of experience in the field of work, and work setting.

How Much Does a Medical Office Assistant Make per Year?

Average annual salaries with US dollar conversions for medical office assistants are outlined in the chart below.

Medical Office Assistant Salary US Canada UK Australia New Zealand India South Africa
Hourly Wage $22 C$24 £14 AU$33 NZ$28 Rs126 R70
Annual Wage $46,535 C$48,919
($39,828 USD)
($34,507 USD)
($55,699 USD)
($42,758 USD)
($4,081 (USD)
($10,928 USD)

medical office assistant salary

Factors that Influence the Medical Office Assistant Salary

Annual salaries are influenced by geographic region, professional experience, and work setting with additional details provided in the following paragraphs.

1. Geographic Area

Medical Office Assistant Salary in US

In the US, medical office assistants earn nearly, on average, nearly $47,000 per year, or $22 per hour. The average starting salary for entry level positions is more than $32,000 per year, while senior level positions garner more than $56,000 annually. Some employers may offer bonus pay incentives with the average falling just under $1,000 in additional income.

Medical Office Assistant Salary in Canada

Medical office assistants early in their career in Canada earn an average starting salary of about C$34,000 per year while senior level professionals bring home more than C$59,000 annually. The average annual pay for all medical office assistants is about C$49,000 with nearly C$1,000 available through bonus pay opportunities. Those paid an hourly wage receive, on average, C$24 per hour.

Medical Office Assistant Salary in UK

The average annual salary for medical office assistants in the UK is about £29,000, equivalent to about £14 per hour, with potential to earn another £500 in bonus pay. Entry level positions have a starting salary of about £20,000 per year, and earning potential increases with experience as senior level professionals receive an average yearly salary of about £35,000

Medical Office Assistant Salary in Australia

Medical office assistants in Australia earn more than AU$69,000 per year with another AU$1,300 possible through bonus income. Those paid an hourly wage receive about AU$33 per hour. The average starting salary for entry level employees is more than AU$48,000 per year compared to senior level pay that exceeds AU$84,000 annually.

Medical Office Assistant Salary in New Zealand

In New Zealand, newly trained medical office assistants receive an average annual salary of nearly NZ$41,000 while those in senior level positions earn nearly NZ$71,000 per year. The average annual salary medical office assistants at all levels is more than NZ$58,000, equivalent to about NZ$28 per hour, with another NZ$1,100 available through bonus pay.

Medical Office Assistant Salary in India

Medical office assistants in India receive, on average, Rs262,304 in year pay, plus another Rs5,000 in average bonus income. The typical hourly wage for non-salaried employees is about Rs126 per hour. Entry level employees earn about Rs185,000 per year compared to their senior level colleagues who receive an average yearly income of about Rs323,000.

Medical Office Assistant Salary in South Africa

In South Africa, medical office assistants earn an average annual salary of more than R145,000. Those eligible for bonus pay receive an average of R2,800 in additional earnings. The average annual salary for entry level medical office assistants is about R102,000 per year, increasing to about R178,000 annually for senior level professionals.

2. Experience

Experience can potentially provide a boost between 73% and 75% in overall annual incomes for medical office assistants. In New Zealand, the difference between senior level and entry level pay is about NZ$30,000 per year, or 73%. Medical office assistants in Canada see yearly earnings increase C$75,000, or 74%, for those in senior level positions. Despite the Australia and the US having the highest annual earnings, both see the gap widen by 75% between entry level and senior level pay, the same percentage of increase seen in India and South Africa where earnings lowest and in the UK where they fall solidly in the middle range.

3. Industry

Medical office assistants work in a variety of healthcare work settings, including hospitals, surgery centers, physician offices, clinics, and laboratories. Nonprofit organizations and those publicly funded may offer lower annual salaries and fewer opportunities for bonus pay compared to the for-profit and private sector businesses.

Working Hours

While full-time schedules are more often seen, there are sufficient opportunities for part-time positions. It is important to note; however, that those who work part-time may not be eligible for the same level of benefits or bonus pay as those employed full-time. Typical working hours are Monday through Friday during normal business hours, but there may be times when evening and weekend work is necessary.

Bonuses and Benefit Packages

Medical office assistants working full-time may receive a comprehensive benefits package that includes medical, dental, and vision coverage. Paid time off is common for vacation, holidays, and sick time. Some employers offer bonus income incentives, and while these may be small amounts in income, they do add to overall earning potential. Other benefits offered by some employers may include retirement plans, health savings, and meal allowances, and paid training.

Job Outlook

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a growth rate of 23% in medical assistants, including those performing administrative functions, between 2014 and 2024. This increase is due to an aging population in need of additional medical services, leaving physicians less time to perform administrative office functions as they are required to spend more time with their patients. For employment as a medical office assistant, the equivalent of a high school degree is required with on-job training, although many have some postsecondary education and may be more competitive for employment.


Medical office assistants earn less than some other healthcare workers; however, the level of education and training required for this position is minimal. Full benefits and bonus pay are available, though these may be available to full-time employees only rather than those working part-time hours. Future employment opportunities are expected to remain strong with much faster than average growth expected in the coming years.

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