Gerontologist Salary in 2017

A gerontologist specializes in the healthcare and treatment of older adults as they reach the advanced stages of aging. Gerontologists in the US earn an average annual salary of about $222,000 compared to its North American neighbor, Canada, where earnings are about C215,000 ($176,346 USD) per year. Annual salaries in New Zealand are more than NZ$249,000 ($181,765 USD), nearly £114,000 ($135,925 USD) in the UK, and more than 1,296,000 ($98,453 USD) in South Africa. Among the countries reviewed in this guide, Australia reaps the highest earning potential for gerontologists at nearly AU$297,000 ($237,465 USD) per year while India records the lowest earnings at about Rs1,294,000 ($20,180 USD) per year. Gerontologists earn varying amounts worldwide depending on geographic region, professional experience, and work setting. This guide provides additional information on earning potential and working as a gerontologist.

How Much Does a Gerontologist Make per Year?

This chart provides average annual base salaries with US dollar conversions and hourly wages for gerontologists in select countries worldwide.

Gerontologist Salary US Canada UK Australia New Zealand India South Africa
Hourly Wage $107 C$103 £55 AU$143 NZ$120 Rs622 R623
Annual Wage $221,859 C$215,063
($176,346 USD)
($135,925 USD)
($237,465 USD)
($181,765 USD)
($20,180 USD)
($98,453 USD)

gerontologist salary

Factors that Influence the Gerontologist Salary

Geographic region is a strong influencer of salary, but professional experience and work setting also affect incomes. This guide provides additional details on earnings and a career in gerontology.

1. Geographic Area

Gerontologist Salary in US

Gerontologists in the US earn an average annual salary of just under $222,000 with bonus potential adding another $10,000, on average, to overall earnings. Earnings increase significantly with experience and responsibility as those at the senior level earn nearly $272,000 compared to those in entry level positions who receive almost $158,000 annually.

Gerontologist Salary in Canada

Entry level gerontologists in Canada can expect an average starting salary of almost C$153,000 per year while their senior level colleagues earn about C$264,000 annually. The average overall salary for gerontologists is about C$215,000 per year with about C$9,700 in additional bonus income potential.

Gerontologist Salary in UK

In the UK, gerontologists earn nearly £114,000 per year plus about £5,000 in average bonus pay. Entry level gerontologists earn about £81,000 per year with incomes increasing steadily over the course of one’s career to an average yearly salary of almost £140,000 per year for senior level professionals.

Gerontologist Salary in Australia

Gerontologists in Australia bring home an average annual salary of about AU$297,000. More than AU$13,000 in additional earnings can be received through bonus opportunities. While entry level gerontologists earn an average starting salary of more than AU$211,000 per year, those at the senior level with the most experience and responsibility receive more than AU$364,000 annually.

Gerontologist Salary in New Zealand

In New Zealand, newly trained gerontologists earn an average starting salary of more than NZ$177,000 per year while those in senior level positions earn about NZ$306,000 annually. The average annual salary for gerontologists of all experience levels is more than NZ$249,000 per year with more than NZ$11,000 possible through additional bonus income opportunities.

Gerontologist Salary in India

The average annual salary for entry level gerontologists in India exceeds Rs933,000 compared to senior level professionals who receive nearly Rs1,611,000 per year. The average annual salary of all gerontologists is about Rs1,294,000 per year with more than Rs58,000 possible through bonus income opportunities.

Gerontologist Salary in South Africa

In South Africa, gerontologists earn about R1,296,000 per year plus another R58,000 in bonus potential. Entry level gerontologists receive an average annual salary well over R928,000 while those at the senior level earn about R1,603,000 per year for the additional experience and responsibility they have acquired in their career.

2. Experience

Despite solid incomes for gerontologists, experience can potentially add significant levels of additional income. For example, in the US, senior level gerontologists pay is about $114,000 more per year than entry level pay, a difference of about 72%. Worldwide, the difference in senior level pay compared to entry level pay is about 72% to 73%, and when earnings are already at high levels, this additional increase adds up.

3. Industry

Gerontologists work in hospitals, nursing homes, and academic settings. Because gerontologists specialize in different areas of the aging, such as psychology or nutrition, there are a variety of different focus areas for those who work in this field. Employment in hospitals may offer higher wages compared to nursing homes or academic settings. Additionally, employment in for-profit organizations may provide higher salaries and additional bonus income opportunities compared to those working in nonprofit organizations.

Working Hours

Most gerontologists work full-time hours while some part-time employment opportunities are available. Working in hospitals or nursing homes, where 24-hour care is provided, may mean work hours that are less consistent or involve a greater amount of evenings, weekends, or holidays. Those employed in academic settings often work normal work hours during a typical work week with weekends off. There may be times when on-call hours are necessary to provide care in emergency situations.

Bonuses and Benefit Packages

Gerontologists often receive healthcare benefits that include medical, dental, and vision coverage. Paid time off for vacations, holidays, and sick days are commonly offered. Some employers offer bonus income that can add a good amount to overall earnings, and some also offer personal liability insurance, retirement plans, and health savings accounts.

Job Outlook

Future need for gerontologists is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years due to a globally aging population and increased need to provide healthcare services to this segment of the population. To practice as a gerontologist requires a medical degree with additional training and residency in gerontology as well as the specialty area of focus like psychology or nutrition. Licensure is required as well as registration with the appropriate governing body.


Gerontologists earn solid incomes and a comprehensive benefits package that includes healthcare coverage, paid time off, and additional value-added provisions like retirement plans. Future need for skilled professionals in this area is expected to increase with as the world’s population continues to age, which should support income levels and provide sufficient job opportunities for those entering the career field.

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