Family Physician Salary Guide

A family physician treats individuals of all ages for a broad range of illnesses and issues. As with other physicians, family physicians, or general practitioners, are among the highest wage earners worldwide. The family physician salary is the highest in the U.S. with a median annual salary or $167,354, and lowest in India at Rs608,565 ($8,928 USD). Those entering a career as a family physician should understand how geographic location, experience and work setting can impact overall pay. Find out more in this guide.

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How Much Does a Family physician Make Per Year?

Family physician Salaries US Canada UK Australia New Zealand India South Africa
Hourly Wage $90 C$65

(US$ 48)


(US$ 53)

AU $91

(US$ 67)


(US$ 70)


(US$ 5)


(US$ 23)

Annual Wage (median) $167,354 C$144,629

(US$ 107,433)


(US$ 87,124)


(US$ 110,567)


(US$ 123,208)


(US$ 8,920)


(US$ 37,836)

Factors That Influence Family Physicians’ Salaries

Typical work settings for family physicians include clinics, hospitals and private practice; however, according to, geographic location and experience have the greatest impact on overall income. We outlined the salaries for the countries we selected.

1. Geographic Area

Family Physician Salary in U.S.

Family physicians in the U.S. earn nearly six figure incomes early in their careers, while those with 20 years’ experience can reach an annual salary of $184,000. Bonus can add more than an additional $130,000. Some areas of the country garner higher incomes, such as San Francisco, Orlando and Los Angeles where family physicians earn more than the national average by 7%, 5% and 4%, respectively. Despite higher costs of living, the median salary for family physicians in Chicago is 14% below the national average, followed by New York where annual pay is 13% lower.

Family Physician Salary in Canada

In Canada, the median annual salary for a family physician is nearly CA$145,000, increasing to more than CA$310,000 Bonuses may add nearly CA$50,000 more to overall pay. According to Payscale, city location in Canada can influence pay with salaries in Calgary garnering 35% higher salaries, while those in Toronto may earn 4% less.

Family Physician Salary in UK

As with other healthcare careers, many family physician jobs appear through the UK National Health Service (NHS). According to, physicians in training earn about £26,350, and increase to £45,750 while still in the early career stage. Those with experience earn between £55,965 and £102,465 per year, depending on years of service and including salary and bonus. Positions with management or educational responsibilities are competitive, but garner higher salaries.

Family Physician Salary in Australia

In Australia, entry level family physicians earn about AU$48,380, increasing with experience to a median year income of about AU$150,000 per year. Those with the most experience earn higher incomes of nearly AU$260,000, as reported by While physicians from other countries have moved to Australia seeking employment, strong demand for family physicians in Australia continues to maintain steady salary levels.

Family Physician Salary in New Zealand

Salaries for physicians in New Zealand are set by the government with income based on experience and specialty. According to, physicians are the highest paid professionals in the country. While family physicians do not earn salaries as high as some other physician specialists, the average income remains high at NZ$175,000 per year. Work setting can influence pay with those in a hospital setting earning as much as NZ$250,000 with about 15 years’ experience. A shortage of physicians in New Zealand continue to support strong salaries.

Family Physician Salary in India

The median annual salary for a family physician in India is Rs 608,565, increasing to Rs 1,171,098 with experience, a significantly higher income than the national average. A family physician in India can earn an additional Rs 50,000 in bonuses. With 85% of the country’s family physicians possessing nine years’ experience or less, the 6% of professionals with more than 20 years’ experience earn the highest salaries.

Family Physician Salary in South Africa

Family physicians in South Africa earn a median yearly income of R 537,599. Those beginning their careers can expect an income of R152,051 per year, while those with experience have salaries of more than R1,380,856 per year. Many of the family physicians in South Africa are newly trained, with 36% possessing four years’ experience or less.

2. Experience

Salaries for family physicians vary worldwide, mainly in terms of experience. For example, salaries in South Africa for experienced professionals are more than 800% more than those who are beginning their careers. Even in the U.S. where experience may not have as great of an effect on family physician salaries, senior level professionals earn about 135% more than entry level physicians.

A career as a family physician requires extensive education and training that may take more than 10 years. Beyond completing a bachelor’s degree or the equivalent, most countries require several years of medical school and residency and successful completion of a certification exam. A license to practice medicine or registration with the country’s medical board and continuing medical education are typical.

3. Industry

Family physicians often work in private practice as self-employed professionals or part of a partnership with one or more additional physicians and some work for hospitals or in clinics. Those with experience who are nearing the end of their careers may transition to management or teaching roles.

Working Hours

Family physicians who work in private practice maintain typical work hours from Monday through Friday, with some on-call hours necessary at times. Those employed in hospitals and clinics may have longer hours as these facilities operate 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Experienced family practice physicians enjoy a somewhat more relaxed, less stressful schedule with full-time hours ranging from 37.5 hours under the NHS of UK to 40 hours in Australia and the U.S. Those employed in some work settings in New Zealand may earn overtime pay for hours that exceed 40 hours per week.

Bonuses and Benefit Packages

Worldwide, family physicians usually receive medical, dental and vision insurance if employed by a clinic or hospital. Those self-employed may need to assume these expenses on their own. Bonuses are not uncommon. Those who work in clinics and hospitals may even receive allowances for meals and overnight accommodations during extended work hours. Certain other benefits exist for those who decide to continue their medical education courses and training.

Job Outlook

As the world’s population continues to age, the demand for family physicians is expected to continue it growth. And this is good news considering the supply of those who are entering the workforce or are early in their careers, as well as maintaining strong salaries. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, from 2014 to 2024, growth rate for physicians is expected to average 14%, a faster than average growth rate.


A career as a family physician offers a strong salary that is among the highest worldwide. Job growth is expected to remain strong, which will continue to support lucrative salaries. Those who work in private practice often enjoy a steadier schedule with less stress, while professionals in this field overwhelmingly express high job satisfaction.

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