Dialysis Nurse Salary in 2017

A dialysis nurse provides care and treatment to patients with kidney disease who are undergoing dialysis. The US and Australia are among the highest paying countries for dialysis nurses with annual salaries at about $64,000 and AU$89,000 ($69,271 USD), respectively. Annual salaries in Canada exceed C$62,000 ($49,345 USD) compared to about £39,000 ($45,678 USD) in the UK and more than NZ$74,000 ($51,700 USD) in New Zealand. Comparatively, oncology nurses in South Africa receive more than R174,000 ($12,788 USD) and nearly Rs362,000 ($5,557 USD) in India. Salaries for dialysis nurses vary by geographic region, professional experience, and work setting with additional information on these variables provided in this guide.

How Much Does a Dialysis Nurse Make per Year?

Annual and hourly pay is outlined in the chart below for dialysis nurses in select countries.

Dialysis Nurse Salary US Canada UK Australia New Zealand India South Africa
Hourly Wage $31 C$30 £19 AU$43 NZ$36 Rs174 R84
Annual Wage $63,763 C$62,306
($49,345 USD)
($45,678 USD)
($69,271 USD)
($51,700 USD)
($5,557 (USD)
($12,788 USD)

dialysis nurse salary

Factors that Influence the Dialysis Nurse Salary

While work setting and professional experience may affect earning potential for dialysis nurses, geographic region plays a strong role. Further details on these aspects and a career as a dialysis nurse are provided in this guide.

1. Geographic Area

Dialysis Nurse Salary in US

A dialysis nurse in the US earns about $64,000 per year plus bonus pay that can add another $2,000 to total earnings. If paid an hourly wage, the income is about $31 per hour. As a newly trained dialysis nurse the typical starting salary is about $48,000 per year, compared to an annual salary exceeding $83,000 once a senior level position is obtained.

Dialysis Nurse Salary in Canada

In Canada, the average annual salary for dialysis nurses is over C$62,000, equating to about C$30 per hour. Those eligible for bonus income receive an average of nearly C$2,000 in additional earnings. The average starting salary for new dialysis nurses is about C$47,000 per year, increasing to more than C$81,000 for senior level positions.

Dialysis Nurse Salary in UK

Dialysis nurses in the UK earn an average annual salary between £29,000 per year for entry level positions and nearly £51,000 per year for senior level positions. While the average annual salary is about £39,000 per year, the hourly wage is roughly £19 per hour. The average bonus pay can exceed £1,000 in additional earnings.

Dialysis Nurse Salary in Australia

In Australia, dialysis nurses earn about AU$89,000 annually, or AU$43 per hour. The average bonus pay is nearly AU$3,000 in additional overall earnings. Newly trained dialysis nurses earn close to AU$67,000 per year compared to senior level professionals who receive nearly AU$116,000 annually.

Dialysis Nurse Salary in New Zealand

On average, dialysis nurses in New Zealand earn between NZ$56,000 when beginning their careers and NZ$97,000 per year when at the senior level. For all experience levels, the average annual salary exceeds NZ$74,000, while the hourly wage is about $36 per hour. The average bonus is well over NZ$2,000 in additional income.

Dialysis Nurse Salary in India

Dialysis nurses in India see annual earnings averaging nearly Rs362,000 while the hourly wage averages Rs174 per hour. Bonus income potential can add another Rs11,000 to overall earnings. Entry level dialysis nurses earn about Rs276,000 per year while senior level professionals earn well over Rs478,000 annually.

Dialysis Nurse Salary in South Africa

In South Africa, dialysis nurses earn, on average, well over R174,000 per year, or R84 per hour. The average bonus adds more than R5,000 in earning potential. While entry level dialysis nurses earn more than R132,000 annually, their senior level colleagues earn more than R229,000 per year, on average.

2. Experience

With experience, annual incomes for senior level positions are between 72% and 76% more than entry level pay. In the US, senior level dialysis nurses earn about $35,000 more per year, representing an increase of 73%, compared to those beginning their careers and in entry level positions. The greatest percentage of increase is seen in the UK where annual earnings for those in senior level positions is about £22,000 more per year compared to entry level positions, an increase of 76% in annual salary.

3. Industry

Dialysis nurses most often work in hospitals and clinics where dialysis treatment is provided, though some may be employed in physician offices. Due to the type of care and treatment dialysis nurses provide and the type of setting required for dialysis treatment, there is little variance in pay based on work setting. While the type of work setting may not greatly impact earning potential, the structure of the organization may have an effect as for-profit organizations and those in the private sector may offer greater earning potential with higher pay and opportunities for bonus income.

Working Hours

Dialysis nurses typically work during normal business hours Monday through Friday as dialysis treatment is often administered on a set schedule during day time hours. There may be times extended hours in the early mornings or early evenings may be required and some weekend work may be necessary. While most dialysis nurses work full-time schedules, some are employed part-time or enjoy flexible schedules.

Bonuses and Benefit Packages

As part of the healthcare community, dialysis nurses enjoy good benefits with healthcare coverage and paid time off being standard inclusions in benefits packages. Some employers also offer paid training, retirement plans, health savings accounts, as well as smaller offerings such as meal allowances. Bonus pay is offered by some employers though these opportunities may be more readily available in for-profit organizations.

Job Outlook

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a 16% growth rate for registered nurses, including dialysis nurses, through 2024. With an increasing number of people diagnosed with chronic health conditions, such as diabetes that can lead to renal failure, the need for dialysis nurses is expected to rise. A career as a dialysis nurse requires the minimum of an associate’s degree, typically taking about two years to obtain, although those with a four-year bachelor’s degree may receive higher salaries and have more employment opportunities.


Earning potential for dialysis nurses is good, and while not as high as some other nurse specialties, requires less educational training to enter the career. Benefits and bonus packages include healthcare and paid time off, as well as other benefits. The future for dialysis nurses is expected to include strong job growth, maintaining salary levels and offering job opportunities those choosing to enter this career field.

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