Hello, and welcome to healthcaresalaries.com. We are a team of formal and informal experts in the field of healthcare services, and the related job market, career paths, and so on. You should know that this website is maintained by us only as a hobby, and we all have other main jobs which don’t leave us as much time as we’d like for Healthcare Salaries Guide. Through our main professional activities which employ our expertise elsewhere, we noticed that there is currently a lack of proper guidance in the healthcare salaries niche. The data presented by various online sources and so-called expert voices can be quite contradictory or insufficiently covered. Someone trying to review the possible jobs they could eventually qualify for can has a hard time understanding the exact requirements, rewards and career paths for them. We know that choosing the right career must be a well-informed decision, especially since it will impact your earnings and lifestyle for quite a while.

This is why we have founded healthcaresalariesguide.com, as the go-to place where we can lend a hand with helping you choose the right career track, knowing what to expect from your chosen field and the specialties you can then further explore, how your earnings may vary according to factors independent of your qualifications (like your geographical location), and so on. We will publish in-depth reports for all specific jobs and specializations in the health care services niche, as well as overviews on the top career choices to consider, expert tips and roundups on job advice for this field etc. Every now and then, we will also give reports of the most recent statistical data relevant for our topics, how these new findings may influence the job field in the next years, job outlooks and predictions and so on.

Meet the Team

Timothy Hernandez

Timothy is a retired physician who after a career of almost 35 years in both the public and private sector, decided to dedicate himself to family life. As his passion for the medical field never faded, he continues to write and share useful guides for young or soon-to-be doctors on both his personal blog and Health Care Salaries Guide. Timothy is a proud father of two, and an even prouder grandfather who wishes to make a positive change in the world.

Kurt Attwood

Kurt joined our team in the search for a way to share his knowledge and help people who are interested in a position in the Health Care segment find the right career path. Currently working as a physical therapist at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in his home state of Maryland, Kurt is an avid reader and his interests span far and wide. When he is not assisting his patients or writing helpful articles for Health Care Salaries Guide, Kurt can be found on the golf or tennis court.

Aubrey M. Jefferson

We are lucky to have Aubrey on our team, as she is an accomplished professional in the nursing department. With over 10 years of experience, Aubrey is qualified as an advanced practice registered nurse and is currently helping patients at the St. Peter’s University Hospital in New Jersey. Always positive and sporting the most beautiful smile, Aubrey is dedicated to improving the field she works in, providing her insight and advice in our Nursing Salaries section.

Leslie Hamilton

Leslie knew she wanted to be a doctor since she was a child bandaging and administering medication to her dolls. Currently living and working in Ottawa, Leslie is an accomplished cardiovascular surgeon and a full time mother of two teenage daughters. Balancing family life and her career, Leslie makes time to share her experience and knowledge through informational articles on Health Care Salaries Guide. Her hobbies include jogging, yoga and cooking the most delicious vegetarian dinners for her family.

We hope you enjoy the results of our hard work and devotion to developing healthcaresalaries.com and to making it better all the time. As a last note, though, we’d like you to understand that our time is limited, given that we all lead busy lives outside writing for Healthcare Salaries Guide, and this website is only worked on as a freelancing project. If our articles don’t cover everything you wanted to know on the topic, you can also directly contact us for further assistance or advice, anytime. Just drop us a line at info@healthcaresalariesguide.com. We’d be happy to hear from you and to answer your questions.