About Us

Healthcare Salaries Guide is an online publication that features helpful salary guides for various jobs in the healthcare industry. Our editors are committed to bringing relevant and updated information to individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in healthcare.

We are pleased to announce that we’ve now launched the second edition of our annual scholarship program. The winner of our contest will receive a $500 scholarship, which will go towards his/her cost of education.

Scholarship Eligibility & Requirements

In order to be eligible for this scholarship, the applicant must meet the following requirements:

  1. He/she must currently be enrolled in a U.S.-based medical college/university
  2. Must have a minimum GPA of 3.0

How to apply

Students who wish to apply for our scholarship are welcome to send us an e-mail at scholarship@healthcaresalariesguide.com with the following details:

  1. Full name
  2. Current address
  3. Phone number
  4. Proof of enrollment
  5. School transcripts + current GPA
  6. A personal essay, answering the following questions:

What is your aspired profession? Why do you wish to work in healthcare?”

All applications must be submitted by July 1st, 2018.

The winner will be announced via e-mail by July 15th, 2018 and will be asked to submit a picture to post on our website, along with the official announcement.

Terms & Conditions

  1. All applications that are sent in after the specified deadline will be considered ineligible
  2. All applications that are found to be incomplete or contain false personal information will be disqualified.
  3. The applicant must not be a winner of one of our past scholarship contests.
  4. If the scholarship winner fails to reply within 5 business days, we reserve the right to award the funds to the second-best applicant.
  5. The scholarship will be sent directly to the college/university where the student is enrolled and will be directed towards his/her cost of education. Please allow up to 60 calendar days for the transfer to be processed.
  6. The winner of the scholarship will be publicly announced on our dedicated scholarship page.
  7. We officially declare that in the process of selecting the scholarship winner, we will not discriminate anyone on the basis of race, gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation, political orientation, disability or national origin.
  8. For legal purposes, the scholarship recipient may be asked to provide additional details, such as SSN and copy of ID.

For information on our previous scholarship and the winner notification, please click here.